Not The Most Typical Of Students

After facing the near impossible task of fitting a mammoth load of necessities, that probably won’t all be that essential, into my parents Ford Focus, I journeyed off to University. I was apprehensive of leaving the nest, but I was more than ready to try my luck at being independent and make something of myself.  Following parking up and the emotional goodbyes, I moved into the room that was to become my home for the year.

I found my feet quickly and got to grips with the campus, all the while trying not to make eye contact with the students union members selling freshers wristbands. I knew buying one would be a bad idea, so I resisted with all my might, regardless of the good offer they were being sold at. Why? I’m what people call a “lightweight”. As in, I cannot hold my liquor very well and enjoy rather inexpensive nights out. Consequently, the thought of dressing up and going out to an event every evening had me horrified. I could handle the odd one as long as I had a day to recover, but seven consecutive days drinking was definitely not for me.

As a matter of fact, one session of pre-drinks seemed to have knocked me sideways. Turns out I’d developed the dreaded and debilitating Glandular Fever. Students commonly face obstacles such as freshers flu, but I, of course, had to go one step further and end up in a hospital bed back home.

All in all, I had a memorable two weeks of freshers, similar to how I imagine the experiences of others will have been, but I’m glad I didn’t buy a wristband.

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