New Single Review: Rivertairs – Jack

Greater Manchester’s psychedelic rock n’ roll band Rivertairs pride themselves on having a “soundscape of many colours”. Taking influences from the likes of The Kinks and Temples, they work together to write songs and partake in a string of Northern gigs. They have even won praise from BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Chris Hawkins.

Full of historical news references, they branded their chilling debut single Jack to be “a tongue-in-cheek vignette on the infamous Jack the Ripper” and “a suspenseful sonance plucking the strings of imagination.”

The punchy bass line motif instantly sets the tempo and creates a foot tapping melody, before a guitar riff introduces the lyrical genius. The tune is consistently sharp, showing a crisp controlled vocal range, with a purposely-unsettling jumpy undertone to illustrate the unease of the mystery. Even the exclamation of “Jack” in the chorus illustrates his shocking behaviour. As the song continues, it reveals a fade out of instruments before they come back louder, and at full force with the exclamation of “Jack”, hence dramatising it even further and adding to the mystery’s shock factor.

Fittingly enough, the group released a disturbing video to the single at one minute past midnight on Halloween, completing the eerie nature. It is available for free download from:

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