EP REVIEW: James Robinson – Start a Fire

In his new EP, Brighton born singer songwriter James Robinson demonstrates his raw talent through acoustic renditions of original songs, based on his own personal experiences.

James said: “It’s real, and I hope people will grasp that.”

With his enticing vocals it’s no surprise that he has been played on BBC Introducing, and favorably compared to vocalists such as Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran and Jake Bugg.

The title track ‘Start a Fire’, my personal favourite, puts listeners through their paces with clever songwriting that gives a deep and reflective message of how trial and error shapes identity.  Robinson’s strong lyrical imagery also thrusts them back to childhood memories; a time where all that mattered was living in the moment. Albeit simple and stripped back, the scene is brought to life by a melodic tune, catchy percussion rhythm and an ‘ooh-ooh-ooh’ based chorus that makes singing along inevitable.

The next song, ‘Demons‘, acts as a turning point in the EP. It has a much slower placed arrangement that changes the mood from upbeat to chilled in an instant. Robinson maintains the gentle tone to his voice, but this time uses it to encourage listeners that their hardships will, as the lyrics say ‘wither away’.

‘Some and Ashes‘ follows suit, again with the singer songwriter drawing on his own experience to offer encouragement, all the while suggesting that struggles are only temporary and how important it is to power on through them. I can only imagine that the song would be all the more powerful live, as even the studio versions appear to be directed at you and you alone.

The ‘Start a Fire’ EP is available for partial free download, or in full for a small price at: http://jamesrobinsonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/start-a-fire

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