NUS Extra: Pointless?

I’ve always liked a challenge and my latest one has been finding and getting student discount deals without purchasing an NUS card – the joys of a student budget.

How would one do this, may you ask? 

As a student, I simply use my university ID card rather than spending the yearly rate for an NUS extra card. So11006122_10206189367395444_1376799860_n long as the ID proves the customer to be a student and shows a photo, there is no reason why any retail chain offering the discount would say no. Unless, of course, they’re picky and intent on ruining your day, merely because the card does not have an expiry date.

I’ve found having a Unidays app and online account too to be a godsend. The website allows students to verify their university/college/sixth-form status and receive codes to enter into their online shopping baskets for discount. Also, the app has an expiry code, so it’s simple to beat the system and show shop workers that and the QR code, thus getting the discount you deserve and almost missed out on.

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Shops from the Arcadia group like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, etc even allow student discount on top of sale items, and randomly boost the discounts so students save even more. To keep savvy shoppers in the loop about these ‘boost’ events, Unidays’ kindly sends emails and regularly updates its website. Like I said before, godsend!

As forgetful as I am, I have learnt that it’s always worth asking if a shop offers student discount. You have nothing to lose, and a potential bargain to gain so it’s worth remembering.

Fingers crossed you’ll be as lucky as I was and find what you were looking for, in the sale, when there just so happens to be a boosted discount on.


Happy hunting!

Rae Coppola

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