STYLE ADVICE: Bring Back Polyvore’s “Ask Section”

The archives remain, but gone are the days where you could use the style advice service to ask fashionista’s their opinions on what to wear to any given occasion when facing clothing dilemmas, or give expertise to others yourself.


I remember the day I got the email stating the much loved feature of the website was drawing to a close. I must have asked so many questions in hope that I’d get some constructive feedback on all the outfits I was unsure about for the events and occasions planned for my near future. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in doing the latter.

Screen Shot 03-23-15 at 01.34 PM

Instead, those looking for fashion inspiration have to resort to Lookbook, by which, with the rise of so called “selfie” culture has gone downhill. Rather than showing off fashionable outfits with individual style that make the poser feel good about themselves, people now strive for “likes”, wearing whatever they believe the masses will find aesthetically pleasing. The clothing tends to be handmade, or from expensive shops or boutiques, making it inaccessible to all and the possibility of cheaper alternatives all the more difficult. Luckily, some people on Lookbook are nice enough to give out information on where they got key pieces of their outfit from.

However, if the latter is not the case, the “clip to Polyvore” tool is still present and in working order, ready to find the garment, a link to it and its price (if available) simply after the user clicks on the image. The clipper has acted as a life saver so many times and is a tool I believe every fussy shopaholic should have.

Rae Coppola

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