Quidco: Get Paid to Shop

I love QuidcoBeing known to be no stranger to online shopping, I must spend a ridiculous amount of money online every year from the comfort of my own bedroom and in the comfort of my pyjamas. I’ve always thought of myself to be savvy, using Unidays and HotUKDeals to get extra discounts and free delivery codes, but it was friends and family that recommended me to join Quidco.

With thousands of retailers to choose from, whether it be online, via an app or in store, Quidco makes making money from buying things hassle free. The website tracks your purchases securely and allows customers to earn cashback every time they shop.  Although most retailers offer low cashback rates, usually around 1-5 per cent, it soon adds up. The rates are sometimes even boosted for limited periods of time, so that, paired with already Screen Shot 06-18-15 at 10.17 PMexisting vouchers means that it’s easy to save money. You just have to remember to go through the Quidco website to visit a retailer or else the cashback won’t take effect as the company will not be making the commission that allows them to pay you.

Another feature of the website is the option to ‘activate’ in-store cashback offers. By activating them and registering your card, you boost the value of the cashback from let’s say 2 per cent, to 20. Then upon using your card to make a payment at a Quidco affiliated high street retailer, the money will automatically be tracked to your account. This means that you won’t lose out on money from going physically shopping, and in fact may make more – potentially enough to cover petrol money or the cost of parking up!

Cashback websites are becoming more and more popular, unsurprisingly enough, and although I’ve only ever used Quidco there are other cashback sites out there that you can use such as moneysavingexpert.com’s top pick TopCashBack, but be weary of unknown brands as they may not be as secure.

It really is a win win situation, so don’t hold your breath signing up for free money, I regret waiting as long as I did to start saving.

Rae Coppola

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