Moving Day: Flying the Nest, Take Two

I do not take credit for this image.

Here I am packing, again. Not for a holiday as you may be thinking, but to take the jump and move from first years halls to second years shared accommodation. After seeming to acquire a ridiculous amount of clothing and random ‘essentials’ bought over the course of a year living with independence, this proved more difficult than expected. My trip to halls with all my packing was done in one go using a Ford Focus, this trip however will be done in two trips using a Jeep. Mind, providing it fits, I’d rather have too much than too little.

One of the many plus sides of living in a shared house rather than University halls is that it’s so much cheaper, meaning that there will be plenty of money left over from our student loans. Plus, if, like me, you have a nice landlord; bills, a TV license and a Netflix account will be thrown in too, saving you even more money.

Merely the notion of renting an actual house rather than an en-suite bedsit would normally seem like big step. The reality of the situation is that:

  • I will no longer live on campus with a 30 second walk to my closest lecture theatre, and likewise with the train station.
  • I will no longer live on the free University bus route either, and now have to do a ten minute walk prior to using the medium of public transport.
  • And finally, I will have to share a bathroom.

Learning to adapt meant, as my brother stated “sh****** with the door closed”.

But on a more serious note, it meant learning to compromise and to be more considerate of your housemates, who had to knuckle down work-wise to get the grades in the first year of University that actually counted towards their degree. In other words, the social side had to take a back seat, or at least drop down a volume notch on the expensive speakers all students seem to have.

However, I was moving in with 7 other people – 5 of them I had lived with prior, one of which we interviewed for, and the final being my boyfriend who had just transferred universities. Therefore, instead of being nervous about taking the plunge into a tedious world of independence, bills and content insurance, all with a heavier workload, I was overjoyed at the prospect of living with such a close knit group of people who had come to be like a second family to me.

Family home bedroom (above), University bedroom (below)

If you’ve recently moved out of halls into a shared house/flat, let me know how you’re finding it in the comment section below.

Rae Coppola

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