How to tame frizz in naturally curly hair (without straightening!)

It seems the majority of people with curly hair wish it was straight, and vice versa. However, if people knew the effort involved in taming the frizz associated with a curly mane, I’m sure they would change their minds in an instant.

If I, for example, did nothing with my hair product-wise, I would go out looking like I do in the photos below, an utter mess. However, with just a few simple tips and tricks, the mane can be tamed and I can look presentable again without going through the mundane effort of straightening (and heat damaging) my locks.


Try to go as long as you can between hair washes. Twice a week is enough. Washing curly hair more regularly than that will dry it out, and inevitably, lead to even more frizz and bad hair days.

Through experience, I know NEVER to skip conditioner. I’ve also found that using conditioners intended for coloured hair when washing work best, as they aims to repair damaged hair and give the extra moisture hair needs after the dyes have been used. This works in the favour of any curly haired fiend as hair tends to be dry or damaged from all the straightening people do in order to control it. Personal favourites of mine are Herbal Essences and Pantene products, I switch between the two depending on which is on offer. Very student like, I know.

When washing, it’s also best to comb through the hair using a wide tooth comb whilst the conditioner is still on to get out any knots and tangles, as well as prolong the amount of time it’s on the hair before washing it out. This is a hundred times easier to do wet and with conditioner on than it is dry, and means that once dry, hair doesn’t need any hard brushing that may lead to frizz.


Always start by towel drying and applying some frizz ease gel spray (my saviour) while damp. This will ensure the hair dries smoothly, naturally or using a hair dryer. I tend to leave my hair to dry itself until it’s about 90% dry, and then finish off with a hair dryer and diffuser. Before using any kind of heat on your hair, heat defence spray is a must no matter what kind of hair you have. If time is an issue, however, you can always dry it fully off the bat, just make sure to use a low fan setting, and again, a diffuser.

My anti frizz saviours:

  • VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protection Serum

This product is to be applied on damp hair and has an all in one formula to protect against heat damage, frizz, and to make hair look shiny. The reviews on the Boots website did it justice as I swear by the product, and have nothing but praise for how well it works, and at a bargain price!

  • Pantene Pro-V Defined Curls Mousse 200ml – long lasting Hold Level 5

Normally I would opt for a cream rather than a mousse, but I tried thisout once because it was on offer and I thought what would be the harm. The product can be applied to wet or dry hair to perfect curls and give them an extra bit of bounce, all the while maintaining their frizz-free appearance. 


  • Improper brushing leads to frizzy hair so start from the ends, always using a wide tooth comb rather than a brush, unless it’s a tangle teezer (I now swear by the ‘thick and curly’ one).
  • Always sleep with your hair in plaits, rather than a bun, as it ensures that both sides of your hair are curly with effortless waves no matter which side you sleep on.
  • Have regular trims so that hair continues to grow at a steady rate, and that the split ends responsible for frizz, can be removed.
  • Deep condition your hair weekly or once every couple of weeks. I’d recommend the leave in conditioner from the Aussie Frizz Miracle range – the clue is in the name!

Hope this helps! Comment below if you have any other products you swear by to achieve a frizz free look.

4 Replies to “How to tame frizz in naturally curly hair (without straightening!)”

  1. Hello Rae! ^_^
    Another tip- deep conditioner once a week min! Saves me a lot of trouble 🙂
    Nice article sweet, I will share ^_^

  2. I got a loose perm a few months back and I found that conditioner is an absolute must! I’ve tried a DIY hair mask with apple cider vinegar and honey and that really helped to condition and nourish it but it’s too much effort to do it regularly, haha!
    I always have the bad habit of washing my hair late so I tend to blow dry it, so I tame it a little with argan or jojoba oil before sleeping 🙂

  3. Leave in conditioner from Aussie frizz miracle is literally a miracle if hair is feeling dry still! I recommend all vo5 products though especially frizz free cream or miracle illuminator! Does wonders for my naturally frizzy/wavy/curly hair. Great article Rae! X

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