Salix Homes complete Tweetathon for #HousingDay

Salix Homes held a tweetathon (Twitter marathon) to give the public a rare glimpse into a typical night for the 1st response team.

The overnight Tweetathon began at 5pm on Tuesday, live from their Salford control room, and lasted for 12-hours.

Tweets were posted from the account using the hashtags ‘#HousingDay’ and ‘#salixoncall’.

Salix Homes are a social housing provider based in Salford that provide 24 hour access to housing services, partake in mobile patrols, respond to reports of anti-social behaviour day and night, and monitor more than 600 CCTV cameras covering 28 tower blocks across Central Salford.

For the second year running the Twitter marathon successfully showcased the hard work the first response team put in to keep Salford safe.

Amidst the tweets, calls were reported including: a noise complaint, an electric gate repair, an emergency toilet repair and an elderly lady who needed help with her water.

Gina Dalton, 36, a Marketing Consultant at Salix Homes, took part in the live Tweeting.

Dalton said: “I feel like people don’t appreciate all the things we do.

“I didn’t even realise until I was on the ground tweeting about it, so it’s good to raise awareness.”

Lee Sugden, chief executive at Salix Homes who joined officers in the control room, said: “The reaction from the public to our Tweetathon has once again been hugely positive, with many surprised by the scale of calls and incidents we are tasked with every night – this just goes to prove that we are so much more than just bricks and mortar.”

The multi-award winning social housing provider received praise from the public, with a total of 250 positive interactions on Twitter, which is 50 more than last year, according to Dalton.

Thanks to the amazing result, Dalton said: “There’s scope for a 3rd year.”

(*The feature image is a selfie taken by the first response team on the night)

Rae Coppola

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