#2015bestnine round up

Since #2015bestnine is trending, I thought I’d list the nine best things to happen to me this year.

My #2015bestnine:

  • I went on my first ever holiday abroad.. and then my second.
  • I won my first competition.. and then another.
  • I moved in with my best friends.. and my boyfriend.
  • I guest blogged for Student Money Saver, Greater Manchester Fringe, and Quays News.
  • I hit 2,000 views (and counting!) on my own blog.
  • I watched The Jeremy Kyle Show, and The Voice live.
  • I finally saw the theatre production of The Bodyguard, with my lovely mum
  • I got the job I wanted at my University’s SU: Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar and have made so many great friends.
  • I took a risk and had my hair dyed the colour I’d always wanted.

Obviously there’s been ups and downs, but it seems like my luck is (finally) changing for┬áthe better. Here’s to a 2016 to remember!


What are you highlights from the “Year of the Sheep”? Leave a comment below!

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