LUSH Review: Frozen Bath Bomb

I received the LUSH Frozen bath bomb as a Christmas present, and finally got around to using it after a long day of shopping.

12476837_10208433517177786_453872671_oLooking at it I didn’t notice anything special, barring the darker blue stripe around the centre of the sphere. If anything I thought it looked a tad like the planet Uranus, confirming the notion that my boyfriend probably bought it due to an unfortunate nickname of mine (raenus, don’t ask).

I ran a bath, and put the Frozen bath bomb to the test.

Beware the ridiculous amount of puns I most definitely will use throughout.

It was great fun to watch it react once I let it go it into the bath as the dark blue ring around the sphere fizzled up quickly releasing glitter all the while, and the light blue section dissolved slower creating a lovely show of blue.

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I couldn’t help taking pictures.

As you can see the icey blue makes the bathtub look like it’s escaped into to an Icelandic lagoon, or indeed the set of Disney’s Frozen. Therefore, the bath bombs name (Frozen) is ridiculously fitting, as nothing could make me want to watch the film more than the bath it allowed me to have.

Once the fizzling stopped, the bath carried on shimmering, thanks to the glitter the product had let out.

As well as beautifully serene colours, the bath bomb had a lovely scent. The grapefruit oil ingredient gave it a citrus like smell and the rose oil relaxed my senses to make me feel like the cold never bothered me anyway. Consequently, it really was the perfect treat for a chilly winters night.

It’s no surprise that I stayed in the magical bath for a good hour, and if it weren’t for the knocks on the door, my fairytale would definitely have lasted longer.

I didn’t realise that the glitter within the bomb transferred to my skin until my mum pointed it out. The bath bomb had made me glimmer like a Twilight vampire in the light, so I have no chance of concealing myself. Not that this was anything to complain about, mind, as it make me feel like a snow queen.

I would definitely buy the product myself again, £3.95 is a small price to pay to have your bath transformed into a magical kingdom.

Thank you for my present Andrew, you did yourself proud!


Have you tried LUSH’s Frozen bath bomb? What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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