DATE NIGHT: Live Escape Room at Breakout, Manchester

Always up for trying something different, I booked tickets for my boyfriend’s Christmas present to have the two of us visit Manchester’s finest live escape room game, Breakout.

It took a while, but the date finally came upon us, and we ventured to the venue ready for the Virus escape room.

We sat, tickets in hand, not forgetting my glasses, with no idea what to expect. On a coffee table in the centre of the waiting room was a random collection of (what seemed like) impossible puzzles and locks. On our left was a television screen, it noted the difficulty of all the rooms and the success rate.

Ours had ☆☆☆☆ difficulty (out of 5), and a success rate of 40 per cent.

We panicked. There was only two of us, the minimum amount of people able to take the challenge: Would we stand a chance? Should we have done for something easier? Is it too late to back out? But, there was no time for doubts. We were given a brief introduction to our scenario and led to our room.

The door locked behind us and the 60 minute countdown begun.

Tick tock.

We had an hour to find clues and open locks with keys, codes, and words. It tested all the skills we had, and even our relationship at one point when I found a key in a place Andrew apparently had already looked (yeah, right). We were under the watchful eye of a lovely member of staff, who gave us cryptic clues as and when she felt we needed them, and made sure we were on the right track.

Unfortunately, we were not within the 40 per cent of individuals who managed to escape, and we’d have needed approximately another 10-15 minutes to find a cure and get out.

Although we’re on the wall of shame holding up these signs, neither of us were too bitter. We’d both definitely recommend it for an unusual date idea, or just to have some fun with friends. If you too are a beginner though, I’d suggest going for a room with average difficulty to avoid stress and a feeling of defeat.

Cost-wise, the price is fair, and depends on how many people play, getting cheaper as the numbers rise, so it’s definitely worth going with more people. Just remember to choose your team wisely based on who you think would be the most helpful.

No photography was allowed within the room in order to keep the Breakout experience secret, so it’s a given that you will just have to go and see for yourself.

It’s safe to say, I will be returning, and I cannot wait!


Have you tried an escape room before? Did you escape? Let me know your thoughts and answers in the comments below. I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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