Holiday Essentials

With summer fast approaching, and just two months to go until my summer trip to Lanzarote, I realised it was time to plan my must-have holiday essentials. Expect a post filled with my wardrobe essentials to come in the near future when it’s actually acceptable for me to start packing.

If you’re one to leave everything until the last minute, this post should help.


Usually airlines offer a 5-10kg carry-on bagging allowance, meaning as well as your suitcase, you can take an extra bag for the flight. If like me, you tend to over pack, the extra luggage is a saviour, and it means holiday goers can pack extra clothes without having to jump on their case to get it to close or risk paying for the extra weight. As my carry-on bag will no doubt be full of clothes that I just HAVE to take, I keep my plane essentials to a minimum.

I generally opt to take a medium sized handbag, filled with my usual phone, purse, keys, headphones comb, tissues and mints. However, I also have clear plastic zip wallet that I keep all my travel documents and passport in so I know where to find them. Although you cannot take drinks through security, I always keep an empty bottle in my bag to fill up in duty free. This means that I never have to pay an extortionate amount for a drink, and can refill it as many times as I want.


Sunglasses, a sun hat, swimwear and a beach towel go without saying – how else would I get that tan and still be able to see despite the suns constant presence? Having a large beach bag is also essential for a holiday to store your possessions and keep them safe while you go for a swim. You’ll need to it to fit in everything mentioned above, as well as your room keys, phone, spending money and snacks for the day, so it ideally should have a fastening and an inside zip pocket. I recently bought the stylish nautical themed zigzag beach bag and it ticks all the boxes, even managing to fit in my big floppy hat.


Make-up bag

During the day, I tend to forgo makeup, opting for sun-cream instead and a touch of Vaseline for my lips. However, for a night time look, it is nice to be able to apply light covering of foundation. I have found Bare Minerals to work best, as it feels as if you are wearing nothing at all, yet covers blemishes and adds a touch of colour. On top of this I would apply my usual make-up routine, but opt for a brighter eye shadow tone to look more summer ready.



It is vital to remember to bring plug socket adaptors, so that you can potentially plug in a 4-way extension and be able to dry/straighten your hair, plug in insect repellent, and even be able charge your phone. Usually, the hotel reception will have spares, but I always like to be prepared as it is difficult to buy the products locally as the residents are used to simply using the plug sockets as is. Do not under any circumstances forget that all important phone charger. Other than that, my hotel holiday essentials go as standard, following my usual skin and hair care routines to ensure my hair, face, and body feel clean and refreshed at all times, all the while smelling of my signature scent.


I’d love to know if you’re going anywhere nice over summer, and what your holiday essentials are. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment below, I always love to hear feedback and talk to new people.

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