Manchester St George’s Day parade prevails over rain

THOUSANDS lined Manchester’s city centre streets today for the St George’s Day parade despite the typically bad British bad weather.

The periodic heavy rain showers were no obstacle for the crowd, who came to watch the three hour parade that began at 11:45am, nor those involved.

The route stretched from Varley Street, to Piccadilly Gardens and Oldham Road, before returning to the starting point.

The 2016 St George’s Day parade route:

With both umbrellas and flags in hand, those who came to watch were proud to celebrate England’s patron saint, as well as all that makes Greater Manchester and the nation great.

Most people opted to cheer the parade when it reached Piccadilly Garden’s at 12:30pm, although others waited at Oldham Road for a better vantage point.


Thelma McGrail, chairperson and creator of the parade, said: “I was a bit down in the dumps myself because of the weather, but as soon we got to Oldham Road I started to see everyone in the crowds stood waving their flags.

“In that moment my whole mood changed and I started enjoying the day too.

“The parade is never going to stop, I’ll be hosting it again next year and every year after until my body gives up.”

The parade, held annually ever since 2004, was led by St George on his 4-metre high rocking horse and involved approximately a thousand individuals.

It contained five more floats than usual, and showcased talented pipe and samba bands, jesters, fair maidens and knights, and even those from the modernist sub-culture of Manchester on scooters.

Following the St George’s Day parade, there were post parade celebrations on the Adactus car park, Varley Street. Unfortunately, the poor weather conditions and event unpopularity meant it got closed down early.

Thelma said: “The after party was a trial, but it couldn’t withstand the weather like the parade could and turned into one massive washout.

“I hope the weather will be better next year and that everything will go to plan.”

Next year’s St Georges Day parade will be held on Sunday 23rd April.



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