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The lovely Joanna from My Pink Rambles tagged me in the beauty blogger tag after completing one herself. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the object is to answer 10 questions before making some up yourself and nominating other bloggers to complete them thus continuing the cycle. My nominees will be listed at the end of the post.

The Beauty Questions

1. Use 3 words to describe your blogging style.

Honest, punny, diverse


2. If you could meet any person in the fashion/ make-up industry (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I would love to meet Mary Quant, the creator of the mini-skirt and hot pants, as I owe her so much for creating my wardrobe staple and encouraging women to express themselves through the use of fashion. Her style liberated women, and ensured the modernist (mod) movement occurred, as well as youth fashion separating from adult fashion. We’d all be dressing like our mums and grandmas if it wasn’t or Quant, and although my style is very similar at the moment, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as a child.


3. How has your blogging changed compared to when you first started?

My blogging has become more confident, both in writing style, and in content. For example, I will happily post something controversial, and I am not afraid to say what I think in reviews. I would rather be honest than give a false statement and have people believe it to be fact.


4. What tip would you give to a new blogger?

The best tip I can offer is for people to only blog what they would like to read. Do not write for other people, write for yourself, and the views will follow suit.


5. As far as my blogging is concerned, I want to become better at…… (fill in the sentence).

I would like to improve how I publicise my content. At the moment I share it as it is published and again at random intervals, yet I know full well that scheduling tweets will increase my traffic and should be done instead. In the not so distant future I want to get the hang of Buffer and do just that, making sure a post is getting plugged a few times a day, and my social media feeds are styaing active so more people engage.


6. Where do you get ideas/ inspiration from regarding your blog posts?

I write from personal experience, relaying what I know in legible prose to others who I think may find it interesting. Whether something good, bad, even average has happened, there is always something to say about it, and I use my blog to say it. Garrison Keillor once said “Bad things don’t happen to writers; it’s all material”, and I live by that motto, turning the negatives into fuel for online rants that could take off statistics wise.


7. Name one make-up/ beauty product you have been eyeing, but have not bought yet.

I have my eye on the Estee Lauder double wear stay-in-place make-up. I have heard so many good things about it and cannot wait to invest, especially since it will become one of the few high end make-up products I actually own. I wouldn’t wear it everyday like some people, I’d treasure it forever and wear it for nights out or those all important special occasions where my make-up really needs to last. I got colour matched today by the loveliest lady on the counter at Manchester’s Market Street Boots and received a free 10 day sample so fingers crossed the shade is right and I like it enough to fork out the money.


8. Do you have a holy grail product? What is it?

This is so basic compared to what other people have answered their question with, but I’m going to say Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips. I wear it daily to give my lips a natural looking pink tint and keep them moisturised.


9. What was the most recent beauty product you bought? Can you give a mini review?

It was one of Kate Moss’ Rimmel London salon pro nail colours with Lycra®, in shade ‘hip hop’. Lately I’ve become a fan of gel nail varnishes as they last longer then ordinary ones, and so I decided to try this one that was infused with Lycra®. Like the Collection gel nail varnish, it had a higher level of staying power and lasted a week without chipping (even in the bath). Obviously, I will not be gong back to normal formulas as who wants their nails to chip as soon as they’ve painted them when there is an affordable solution. I choose that particular colour as it goes with most other colours and means I can wear anything I want without it clashing all the while looking more summery than usual. 10/10 would recommend.


10. London/ Paris or New York fashion week? Why?

Paris fashion week is the absolute dream. Think aspiring journalist Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada just with lighter hair and more like me. Partisan fashion sets the trends for the rest of the world but with more class, and I would love to be a part of it and get to see all the fabrics, prints, and be ahead of the game when I return to the UK high street.


The 10 questions I would like to ask

  1. Who is your make-up inspiration?
  2. What is your favourite drug-store dupe of a high-end product?
  3. Which beauty product do you think is overrated?
  4. What is your holy grail beauty product, and why?
  5. What are your April favourites?
  6. Tell me about your skincare routine.
  7. Do you spend more time doing your hair or your make-up?
  8. Have you ever worked with a brand?
  9. How has blogging changed you as a person?
  10. Is your blog a secret, and if so, why?

Tag, you’re it

I nominate:

Jamie-Leigh from Missjamieleigh

Sinead from Love Yourself Beauty Blog

Daria from her Daria Wojtas


Happy answering everyone, let me know when you’ve finished so I can have a read. Also, if you’ve not done the tag before, or just want to have a go, I nominate you and would love to hear what you have to say!

2 Replies to “The Beauty Blogger Tag”

  1. I loved your post Rae! Estee Lauder Double wear is my fave. I just love it. I hope it works for you too!!! I need to be more consistent with my scheduling as well. Thanks again for writing
    xx Joanna

    1. Thank you lovely! Ibe heard such good reviews, but I’m definitely going to be testing it out this week before I splurge so fingers crossed :)! Oh gosh, hopefully one day we’ll work out a system for it haha.

      Rae xx

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