The Colour Run – Manchester

Thanks to the lovely @DrPond on Twitter and in the blogosphere, I managed to win entry for myself and a plus one to the happiest 5k, The Colour Run. Filled with excitement, as well as dread due to my out of condition self, I signed up and wrote the date on my calendar.

The countdown went quickly, and before I knew it there was only a week to wait. Ever worried, I signed up to the gym and had a couple of practice rounds to see if I had any chance of jogging the entirety. Things weren’t looking good for me, but with the mindset it was only a bit of fun as well as a chance to catch up with my big brother (my plus one), I powered through the nerves.

What is The Colour Run?

“The Colour Run is a 5km running event is all about fun, fundraising and health. Runners are bombarded with paint as they run through the city streets. It’s all about enjoyment and you don’t need to be much of a runner to take part – most participants are first-time 5km runners. All you have to do is:

1. Wear white at the start of the course.
2. Finish covered in colour.” – SFJ Team.


Capital FM were there to get the runners moving and warmed up, although I wish I’d have joined in more and maybe avoided the stitch I got 400m in. They counted down and released the groups in waves. They shouted, “Go,” and I prepared myself to run. However, I soon realised that it was a rather large group and that there was no room to run around the walking wall they made up. At the time I was impatient, but I was also naiive as I did not realise how grateful I would be for the early leisurely pace.

Colour stations

Every KM a different colour greeted runners, and the people at the stations had the fun job of covering them in powder paint. From the photos (see below) it seems I was a good target. Orange, red, blue, you name it, I ended up covered in the stuff and looked like a jogging rainbow. However, I would not have had it any other way, and would have left disappointing if my white top and shoes remained so.

Finish line

At the finish line, we were greeted by bottled water, and you guessed it! More paint, but this time in packs so people could let it off themselves and capture some great photos. However, mine was sealed with something stronger than cement and I could not get it open. Regardless, myself and my brother took our own paintless photos and asked a professional to do so on the trampolines. With the event being sponsored by Skittles, it’s no surprise that free packets were being given out, but Capri Sun and Alpen giving out freebies was a nice bonus.



I would recommend doing it to anyone. Despite being incredibly unfit and just coming back off a holiday, I managed to make good pace, and had the best time, Don’t fret about the paint, it comes off in the wash, eventually.

I had a ridiculous amount of fun, got to spend some quality time with my big brother, feel 10x healthier than I did before, and am extremely proud of myself. My plan is to continue going to the gym, and work on my stamina, so that next year I can run the full distance, and maybe even opt for a 10k. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a marathon in the not so distant future.

For now though, I need to rest my aching limbs, have a long bubble bath and eat my skittles.

See you next year The Colour Run – Manchester!

As always, I love to hear you thoughts! 

Have you done a colour run? What did you think? 

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