NYX Beauty Emporium makeover

Yesterday (26th), I received an hour long makeover at the NYX Beauty Emporium in the Market Street Boots store. As a blogger, I was invited to have my make-up done free of charge, in return for an honest review. 

It was my first ever professional makeover, and so I did not know what to expect and felt nervous at the prospect of giving someone else the power to decide what I looked like for the next 12 hours. However, I am trying to get more into beauty and focus more on my make-up regime so I was excited, and keen to find out if someone else could do my make-up better than myself and if so, teach me their wisdom.

I had never contoured, used highlighter, or even tried any NYX beauty products prior, so I was very excited to test them. This was especially the case as the brand is said to be an affordable Urban Decay, which is owned by the same company and specialises in quality and staying power.

As I made my way towards the emporium, I noted that no colleagues were manning it and had to ask someone to find an NYX colleague to do the makeover.

They arrived at the NYX beauty emporium within a minute, and explained that a huge delivery had come in, full of all sorts of brand new products, and that they were sorting everything out. The colleague even showed me a few of the products, including metallic lipsticks, which were supposedly the new thing thanks to trend setter Kylie Jenner.

It was nice to get a bit of background and find out some brand news before the rest of the public, who would coincidentally find out tomorrow. However, I did think it looked a little odd and that the metallic purple was more of a Halloween lipstick.




They introduced themselves as Megan, and had a friendly, chatty manner throughout the whole makeover. They promised me the choice of four looks, two of them being Halloween designs, and the other two being everyday or evening glam. Megan asked how I usually do my make-up and we both decided on a natural looking smokey eye, with eye liner and a subtle red lip.

I opted for this look so that I could keep it on for a gig I was attending later in the day. As the makeover was at 10am, and the gig 7pm, I thought it would be a suitable way to test the staying power of the products.

She began with my eyebrows, before moving on to my eyes, face and finally my lips. It was an odd order, but I did not know any better anyway and she said, “It’s a bit weird, but it’s just easier for me to do it like this.”

My eyebrows were brushed upwards and darkened slightly, but luckily they are already quite full and well shaped, so they did not need much work. To define them, she used the NYX micro brow pencil in shade, ‘Chocolate.’

Next, she used concealer on my eyelids as a base, explaining that it would ensure the lid did not have any creases and would act as a canvas for the eye-shadows. Then came the colour. She used a brush to apply NYX nude matte shadow in shade, ‘Dance the tides,’ along my crease and in the outer corners of my eyes. This was blended with some darker and lighter shades of brown, which I did not catch the name of.

Mid makeover selfie

To complete my eyes, she dabbed some white eye shadow in my tear ducts, swiped some mascara onto my lashes and applied some NYX collection noir liquid liner to my top lid. As I usually wear winged eyeliner, Megan tried to achieve this, but thought it looked better without the flicks and removed them.

Before moving onto my face, she applied some cream below my eyes and went over it with NYX HD foundation, using a big brush. The product gave a low coverage look, so that my skin looked natural even though my imperfections were covered up. Once my skin had absorbed it, Megan brushed bronzer across my smile line and temples, to add definition and shape my face. I do not normally wear bronzer, but I felt it enhanced my facial structure nicely and will be investing in one soon.

Initially the make-up artist coated my lips with NYX soft matte lip cream, in shade ‘Candy.’ However, after showing me the result, they willingly took it off and replaced it with a less pink colour which actually suited my skin tone; NYX butter lipstick in shade, ‘Tan lines.’ It was weird having a lipstick applied with a brush, but as it was so creamy, it went on effortlessly and did not dry my lips out.

I noted that no finishing spray was applied to the look, and so was unsure about the make-up lasting the entire day. It turned out that I needen’t have worried though, as I only had to reapply the lipstick before going out since everything else was still flawless.



Although the make-up was not necessarily evening glam, the NYX beauty artist did everything I asked her to do and even offered her own opinions on what would work well with my warm skin tone.

It was different to how I normally paint my face, but I still could barely knock it. For instance, I usually opt for a medium to full coverage foundation, but it felt refreshing to wear a lighter one especially since my skin was healthy for once and worth showing off. I also usually wear blusher, but my natural rosy colour could be seen through the light foundation anyway rendering it pointless. However, I could not live without my winged eye liner, and quickly re-applied this at the first opportunity I had.

Overall, I was happy with my look and even decided to buy some of the products that were used on me (see below).


I would definitely recommend an NYX beauty emporium makeover, with Megan especially, as the brand ensured my first professional makeover experience was a positive one and their products are fabulous.


Have you had a makeover or tried any of the NYX beauty products? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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