FOOD REVIEW: Snack smart with go ahead!

It is hard to snack healthily when you have a busy lifestyle and are always on the go. Normally, I just grab a chocolate bar on my way out of the door and endure a massive come down when the sugar rush wears off, as well as the guilt of intaking so many calories before my day has even properly begun. This was especially naughty of me as I am trying to lose weight before the festive season begins and my mindset switches from feeling bad, to thinking, “Nevermind, it’s Christmas.”

To fix my bad habits, I was kindly sent some low calorie treats from the go ahead!* range to test out and give my honest opinion on. The products are all carefully portioned to ensure that busy bees like me can #SnackSmart and lead a healthy life despite their hectic schedules. Here are my thoughts:

Fruity bakes:

A-peeling! Apple

RATING: 9/10

I was sceptical about trying the, ‘Golden baked bar with a delicious apple filling,’ because of the high sugar content compared to the other healthy snacks in the range. However, as a treat, it is still better than a slice of apple pie, which is exactly what it tasted and smelt like. The strong apple aroma was appetising and as if the ‘pie’ had just come out of the oven. 

The bar had a good, crisp outer layer and a soft texture on the inside. It was divided into three segments and was easy to break apart and see the gooey, sugary centre. The latter ensured that it was moist, unlike some other snack bars, but very sweet. 

It was delicious and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, but like an apple pie, it would be even nicer with custard, although that would defeat the object of the on the go snack bar. I would definitely purchase the product again, as it seemed like more of a treat. At a mere 129 calories, it is the healthiest dessert I could wish for.

Yoghurt Breaks:

These snack bars are 72 calories of fruit and sultanas in a crunchy bar, with a yoghurt coated exterior. The box itself puts this into much better phrasing:

Radiant! Raspberry 

Rating: 10/10

This was my favourite go ahead! snack from the assortment I was sent. It was fruity, but not sickly, tasty, but filling and just an all round great product. It even had a good spread of raspberries and sultanas, ensuring that every bite contained a mixture of the two. The filling is made from real raspberries, unlike the Kellogg’s alternative and is lovely and chewy.

The yoghurt is the thing that make all the difference however, as it ensures that the bars are moist and acts as a creamy drink substitute, making them perfect to eat on the go.

The only problem I have with this product, is that they are very moreish, meaning that one is not enough and I have to restrain myself so that the calories (and the price) do not add up. Remember, they are on offer for £1 at Sainsbury’s at the moment, so I’m going to stock up on them and you should too.

Totally! Tropical 

Rating: 3/10

The outer layer is creamy and this contrasts nicely with the crunch of the bar, but I was not particularly keen on the tropical variety as it did not seem to fit well with the yoghurt. Perhaps they just weren’t to my fussy taste buds and other people will disagree, but I could not bring myself to finish the bar.

However, one of my housemates tried one and thought they were average, but nothing special. They mentioned that the flavours tasted artificial and that it was hard to put a finger on what fruits they entailed. However, maybe other people will like the potent taste.

Crispy Slices:

The light, crispy biscuits come in a range of different varieties, which all have sealed three slice packs inside them. This was a bonus as I thought once I opened the packet, I would have to eat the rest quickly to stop them going off. The portions are well divided as three is enough to quench the hunger, but not go overboard and risk the healthy snack becoming less so.


A-peeling! apple

Rating: 7/10

The slices have a strong aroma, thanks to the cinnamon sugar, and smell like a festive mince pie. They are tasty, have a good snap, and are not as dry as you would come to expect if you had more than one. Regardless, they still taste better with a hot cup of coffee, although I would not recommend dunking them. They were very filling and much much nicer than plain rich tea biscuits which equate to the same calories.

Ooh! Orange

Rating: 6/10

These had a similar consistency to the apple flavour, but were lacking the rich smell and the sweetness. As a snack they tasted nice and were hard to fault, but they were just not as good as the other variety.


Cookie Bites:

Marketed as scrumptious mini cookies with chocolate chips and little bursts of fruity flavour, it was easy to understand the demand for a product like this. With 9 mini cookies in each packet, they were ideal for a pick me up when you need it the most. After finishing each packet I did not want to reach for another, which proved that they were filling and the perfect amount had been included.

However, it is hard to think of them as cookies, when the consistence of the biscuits is not dissimilar to that of an Iced Gem.

Wow! White chocolate and raspberry

Rating: 7/10

The mere 5 per cent of white chocolate chips were overwhelmed by the bursts of raspberry, which were unfortunately not real fruit pieces and tasted sweeter than expected due to the fruit puree. However, the crunchy biscuit mixed well with the very chewy fruit and the cookies tasted quite nice.  

Cheeky! Chocolate and orange

Rating: 9/10

With slightly less sugar and one less calorie than the other flavour, it was the zesty chocolate cookies that came out on top. They were like a healthy alternative to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, in a mouthful, and tasted delicious. 

Snack Smart

The go ahead! range is all separately wrapped and ideal for slotting in your bag for those day’s where you do not have enough time to eat breakfast or aren’t sure what time your lunch will come around. They are relatively guilt free to eat and the fruit filling adds that extra something to refresh your palette – if only it counted as one of your five a day!

I am going to continue to buy the Radiant! Raspberry Yoghurt Breaks and the A-peeling! Apply Fruity Bakes as they tasted yummy and will be perfect for me to take to lectures as a snack.

I just have to remember to #SnackSmart, as eating them in moderation is key, since having them all at once is just as bad a binge as any other.

Have you tried any of the products I’ve talked about? If so, what did you make of them? If not, what other snacks do you eat on the go and why?

5 Replies to “FOOD REVIEW: Snack smart with go ahead!”

  1. I’ve been eating the yoghurt breaks for years they’re so delicious! The cookie bites sound beautiful especially the orange one, I’ll have to give them a try x

  2. Yummy! I’ve seen a few of these and like the yogurt-y flavoured ones, but I had never seen the cookie kind! I’ve got to try it next time I’m on a food hunt for snacks :]

  3. I have tried quite a few of them over the years, but never find that they are enough to keep me going. I do walk for miles though, so that could be part of the problem. I prefer to stick to high protein snacks that have a long burn time and keep me going that way.

    That’s not to say that I don’t find the Go Ahead stuff tasty, mind you, I would just need to eat the whole packet! lol

    1. I always thought the same, but the crispy slices seem to get me through the day. After lunch I’ll spread the 3 slices out so I can last until tea, and with them being a little drier than the other bars it’s easy not to reach for a second straight away.

      Credit where it’s due for the walking! I wish I had your motivation, but then again maybe I just need the protein bar energy!

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