All I want for Christmas 2016

Every year, my mum asks me to send her a Christmas list and even though I am no longer a teenager (just), this year was no different. I always struggle to think of things to ask for, and I know that my mum usually has a better idea of what I want than I do, but still, she asks and I oblige.

I do not expect to get everything on the list, at least not just from my parents, and will always be more than happy with a selection box. However, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Christmas wish-list:

Wax coated high-waisted black skinny jeans

Fifteen year old me was ahead in the fashion stakes, but my favourite jeans from five years ago have become too snug. This is deeply upsetting for me, and it seems like I have spent eternity trying to find the exact same ones to repurchase in the next size up. Unfortunately, my favourite shiny denim ones were discontinued and replaced with leather-look alternatives. This would have been fine, if the faux leather substitutes were at least have as flattering, but alas, they are not.

My Christmas (and forever) wish list will always have these Warehouse glossy jeans on it, or anything remotely close to them.

Overnight bag

As much as I love wheeling around my little travel suitcase, it looks a bit weird when I show up at a house party with a sleeping bag and that full of alcohol, clothes and essentials. An overnight bag would be ideal for me to store all my items in, look fashionable and not seem like I’m moving in.

Everyday earrings

I have just had the biggest jewellery clear out and would like a really nice pair of silver everyday earrings. I don’t want anything too flashy, just a sparkly pair of studs that will go with every outfit – maybe a bedazzled knot like design, or just some metal with a gem in the middle. I would be over the moon to receive a pair, and they would no doubt force me to remember to put earrings in on a daily basis!

Tangle Teaser

My hair is thick, curly, unruly and prone to frizz, which means I can only really get a comb through it when it is lathered up with conditioner. However, my hairdresser suggested getting one of these brushes to de-tangle it. Apparently they can do wonders on wet and dry hair, and there is even a special edition for hair like mine. I would love to find one under the Christmas tree to tame my mane.

Frizz ease hair products

I can never have enough of these for the same reasons I need a Tangle Teaser.


Now theses should be on everybody’s Christmas list as you can never have too many pyjamas. Whether they be long ones, short ones or even festive ones, they are a staple present that everyone will love and get use out of.

For me, I’m hoping to receive some long pyjama bottoms and some matching tops, because most of my other ones have either shrunk in the wash or just need replacing. Luckily, I manged to get some short sets in the after summer sales, but they are no good for chilly winter.


My wardrobe is seriously lacking in the lounge wear department, and being a student means that this is not okay. I would love some more comfy leggings to wear around the house instead of restricting jeans or pencil skirts.

Yankee Candle

Who doesn’t love a candle, especially one with their favourite scent? Yankee candles are known for their scents and ability to make even the largest of rooms smell lovely. I would love a vanilla one, or even a more festive mulled wine candle, to light on an evening so that I can unwind after a busy day. 

Bop-it Extreme

I’m strangely good at the game, and although I should be adulting, my inner child has been wanting to play it again for ages.

Phone case

I have a strong bond with my geometric black and white phone case, but it will soon be time for us to part. Not only does my official charging lead not fit into the port due to it, but it is also suffering from some wear and tear issues.

It would be really nice if someone could get me a new one, because it is something I have in my hand more often than not and would really appreciate. I could spend hours looking for the perfect case, before eventually opting for the one I saw first, but I know that anyone who knows me well could find it minutes.


What’s on your Christmas wish list? Let me know in the comments below!

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