Enzo Launch, Manchester

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the official opening of the independent Cafe Bar, Enzo, and sampling their carefully crafted menu. Find out what I made of the new eatery that combines Australian coffee culture with Italian-inspired dishes and colourful decor.

I was greeted with a prosecco reception, before the team made me feel welcome by seating me at a table, topping up my glass and coming over for intermittent chats while I waited for my +1 to arrive. I really felt like a valued customer, and as though I could visit the establishment alone and still receive some friendly social interaction. This made for a nice change to some of the other places I had visited, where even getting a smile was off the cards.

And then came the food…

The scent of freshly made dough filled the room as the team exited the kitchen with their hands full of thin crusted and generously topped pizza slices. The talented chefs pride themselves on making everything on site, on the day, and can therefore disclose any allergens and whether each dish is suitable for vegetarians or vegans on their menu. This ensures that there really is something for everyone, and makes the cafe bar an easy choice for a group with mixed dietary requirements.

First to try was the garlic bread, which was positioned on a placemat alongside a napkin with an inspiration quote printed onto it. This proved just how in tune the Enzo team are with their photography obsessed, meme loving publics. As garlic bread goes, it was pretty standard as the flatbread slice had crisp, slightly bronzed edges, and was lightly drenched with homemade garlic butter. However, it did not overwhelm the taste buds and I could definitely have gone back for seconds.

Next up was one of their most popular pizzas, the pesto deluxe. The vegetarian dish combines a pesto and feta base, with peppers, cherry tomatoes, rocket and basil olive oil. I can see why it would be a popular choice as supermarkets do not offer many veggie options and it is nice to try something different. However, I am quite a fussy eater and was not keen on the feta, so I could not finish my slice, but the other attendees seemed to enjoy it. I was clearly the wrong person to judge this item, but I was glad I tried it.

My favourite dish of the evening was the enzo royal pizza. The team warned me that it was quite spicy and that I may need to take care, but I was up for the challenge. As you can see below, the slice mixes bolognese sauce with pepperoni, red onion and chillies to add fuel to the flames. I may have broke a slight sweat, but the combination was so delicious I devoured it in an instant (even before taking a photo, might I add). It can be difficult to arrange bolognese on a pizza without it sliding off, but the team must have a secret technique that ensures this is not the case and it can be enjoyed without making a mess.

The vegan margherita surprised me as I did not realise cheese could possibly be vegan under any circumstance, but I honestly could not tell the difference. My only qualm was that the fresh basil oil engulfed my hands. Luckily, that’s what the napkin was for, but I would not order it again based on how messy it was to eat.

The pepperoni pizza was next on my list. As it is my usual go to pizza, I was excited to try this, but I felt there were a few too many large onions on it. Regardless, it tasted delicious and the homemade tomato sauce that had made its way onto the crust tasted even better.

[Thanks for the photo @evangelskies]
The dough balls caught me by surprise, as I dipped one in the homemade garlic mayo and took a large bite that ensured the hot mozzarella and Dolcelatte filling spurted out onto my hair. It was easy to laugh about my rookie error as I could tell I was not the only person to have made the mistake, but I definitely would not advise anyone to risk ordering them on a first date (or after a curly blow dry). Although the dough balls were messy, they tasted great and the dip complimented them extremely well.

For afters, I ordered a mocha which came topped up with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, much to my joy, and tasted lovely. Up until this point, I had not thought of Enzo as a venue for a daytime coffee catch up, but based on this monstrosity, my mind has been changed. I enjoyed it with a bitesized oreo egg brownie and a Snickers-inspired cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed my #EnzoExperience as the food was authentic and the venue had a cosy, modern vibe. Enzo’s fusion of Australian and Italian food and drink worked well, and I hope their Mancunian adventure is a success. I will no doubt be returning soon to try their lasagne pizza and white hot chocolate.

If you would like to give it a try, the Fountain Street cafe is open from 7.30am through to the evening, when it will also serve a list of Italian wines and craft beers.


Which pizza would you go for? Have you visited Enzo yet? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.


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  1. I really shouldn’t have read this before my lunch! It all looks amazing. And definitely go back for the lasagne pizza – that sounds delicious! 🙂 x

  2. I haven’t heard of this place yet, but the pizza looks excellent. I think any meal you eat with your hands, you kind of expect to get a bit messy. It sounds like a great place to take kids to.

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