Enzo pizza for brunch? Yes please!

This week, I was challenged to tackle Enzo’s Manchester Brunch Pizza. The 14″ beast is the latest addition to the independent Cafe Bar’s carefully crafted menu. Read on to find out if I rose to the task and what I made of it.

Like many, I am no stranger to having leftover slices of pizza for breakfast, nor a full English to cure a hangover. However, a combination of the two had not crossed my mind until the lovely Enzo team got in touch with me. Owner, James Skade offered myself and a friend the opportunity to try it free of charge, and threw in a couple of coffees, in return for my honest review.

Having previously attended Enzo’s offical launch to sample their food, and returning of my own accord for a coffee, I had high hopes.



We were seated quickly and given chance to choose our drinks. The colleagues were really eager to help and kept looking over to see if we were ready to order, which meant we were not waiting long at all. I opted for a latte, while my friend went for a flat white. They were expertly prepared, and topped off with skillful coffee art. Like everything else coffee-related, mastering latte art isn’t easy, so we were really impressed by the beautiful designs.

All of Enzo’s pizzas are freshly made in the kitchen, so having to wait a bit longer for it to be ready did not bother us, especially since our drinks arrived promptly. The deep, dark, traditional Italian coffees went down a treat, and tasted so much more luxurious than normal high-street coffee. This is testament to the amount of passion and love that goes into the food and drink. I usually have to add sugar to my coffees, but I quite liked the taste before I did so.

Enzo Brunch Pizza

Brunch Pizza

The sharing Manchester Brunch Pizza is 14″ of fresh dough, topped with black pudding, sausage, bacon, fried bread, Welsh rarebit, potato waffles, eggs, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes. The quirky meal is a fusion of everything you could wish for to start the day off right, so we could not wait to tuck in.

However, when paired with our hot drinks and side plates, it soon became obvious that it was going to be slightly too large for the square table. We had to manoeuvre the crockery out of the way, just for the colleague to be able to set it down, and had to be extremely careful not to spill or knock anything off.

The egg was the perfect balance between runny and solid, and surprisingly did not sink in to the thin, perfectly crisp dough. The sausage and bacon was divine, especially when paired with the fried bread as it became like mini toasted sandwich on pizza. The potato waffles were unique too, and really added to the creative flair of the design. There was also no need to reach for the ketchup due to the tomato base and topping.

I overheard the chef mentioning that they weren’t a fan of black pudding, but since I had never tried it, I thought I would give it a go. Taste-wise, it was okay, if a bit metallic, but it was hard to swallow with the knowledge of what it was. I’m sure that’s down to personal preference though! Since everything is made on site, it would be easy enough to notify the chef and swap it for something different.



I feel like a 14″ pizza was a bit too much to eat early in the morning though, even between two people. I would recommend perhaps sharing it between three, or opting to have it for tea on an all-day-brunch-Sunday. We regretfully had to leave two slices and my friend was even too full to have her tea later on in the day! Then again, I do not usually eat breakfast, unlike other people who could metaphorically eat a horse as soon as they wake up.

The premise is great, and there is an even better taste to match, so I am confident that it’s going to go down a storm with diners. Enzo is a great cafe bar, with talented chefs, friendly colleagues, passionate owners and delightful food and drink. It is a gem that should not remain hidden behind Primark.

The Enzo 14″ Brunch Pizza is available Mon-Sat before 12pm, and all day on a Sunday, as part of June’s Brunch Revolution. Forget breakfast, this pizza could easily be enjoyed at any point during day. If it sounds right up your street, don’t miss out!


What do you think of having pizza in the morning? Have you visited Enzo yet? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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