Giffgaff Money Fit Challenge at Firehouse Fitness, Leeds

Even though I have a “adult” job now, I’m still in the student mindset and will do anything I can to save some pennies. At the moment I’m even challenging myself to go to the gym at least once a week, but without paying for it. Confused? Don’t be. I’m basically just working my way through the free trials of many gyms across Bradford and Leeds.

When I was approached by the lovely Jennie from CoLab about the giffgaff Money event, I couldn’t resist agreeing. Giffgaff Money believe that a healthy body and healthy finances go hand in hand, so they came up with a brilliant idea of letting bloggers earn a bit of cash for every calorie they burnt during a 20 minute workout.

I met some lovely bloggers at the event (Lacey, Amy, Cat, Lauren and Laura), and we were all put in the same group, meaning we could face the challenge together.

The challenge

After a more intensive warm-up than I expected, we hit the treadmills for 20 minutes of exercise (read: pain). I got a stitch early on, but still managed to burn 175 calories and made myself a cheeky £35 profit. This is something I’m really proud of, especially considering I’m usually a sprinter who can’t do medium/long distance running, and the fact that I was full of cold!

Giffgaff Money Fit

Smoothie masterclass

After the workout, we cooled off with a smoothie, courtesy of Mr. Flavour. The duo talked us through every step so that we could make our own there, but also remember for when we got home. They were super patient as us bloggers took photos and boomerangs of each other making theirs, and the smoothies themselves were delicious.

My winning combination of berries, fat free yoghurt, pineapple juice and healthy sugars gave me an instant boost and was the perfect reward after a gruelling workout.

Money saving

As we cooled off, both with the smoothies and by stretching, a couple of people from the giffgaff Money team were on hand to answer our questions about being financially fit. They even gave a bit of an overview of what giffgaff Money is and how it can help people. The basic concept is that once you sign up to the giffgaff Money community, you can compare prices for your insurance and bills, get a detailed credit report and even find out ways to make your money work harder.

Giffgaff Money Fit

The event got me thinking of how I save money online, so here are a few of my top tips:


Ask yourself, “Do I really need it?” And follow on with, “Do I really need it NOW?” If the item is something you can live without for the time being, bookmark it and check back intermittently to see if it goes down in the sale or if a special offer comes on. I do this all the time and more often than not, I’m the first person to realise it’s half price and buy it.


I’m that person that bought a 3 year NUS card just before graduating so I didn’t have to give it up, but if you’re not a student, always always always search HotUKDeals for a promotional code to use on the website you’re buying from. Sometimes you can even stack codes and use Unidays student discount on top, so it’s always worth checking.


Get yourself into the habit of using Quidco or Top Cashback when you’re browsing online. You can usually get it on big things like insurance and holidays, but also on food and clothes. Even if you only get a 2% cashback rate, it soon adds up!

How do you keep your finances looking healthy? Let me know in the comments below!

2 Replies to “Giffgaff Money Fit Challenge at Firehouse Fitness, Leeds”

  1. I love the gym idea!
    We dined out loads in January because there were great deals on everywhere.
    We’ve got a rewards scheme at work so I always log on when shopping to check if there’s any offers for the shops I am using. It’s small cash back amounts but sometimes 12% discounts so pays to check.

  2. This is really useful. I’m on a liquid diet (medical) so smoothies are pretty important to my survival of late! I’ve also just managed to bag myself a few quid back via my Quidco account whilst booking a hotel (my daughters 18th so I couldn’t really avoid splurging a little) so thank you for the reminder to book it via a cashback site!

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